Wednesday, June 30, 2004

its a cold day down south

i started the day by feeling bloody cold. steam streaming with every breath and me wishing i could be back in bed, deep under the covers. but no luck - the office calls and so its hogging the heater for me today.

today was supposed to be the official hand-over of iraq, but as the americans had chickened out earlier in the week, its left to the iraqi's to clean up the mess. and what a mess! they killed over a hundred people this week so far, and it isnt going to end there. we can only wish the iraqi people well... they have a long road ahead of them - thats the thing about being a part of this country, this continent, i can see which way they should be going, how peace and stability can be achieved - hell we did it, so why cant anyone else? i think that the strides we have taken over the last 10 years should be an example to the whole world, the bush's and blair's, sharons and arafat's - maybe they should all be locked up on guantanamo bay with the key handed to fidel, so he can keep an eye on who will be the last man standing - wouldnt that be fun.

we'd be rid of all of them - and thats a good thing!

its day one

i found a couple of blog sites, and the thought entered my mind - hey, i've got quite alot to say - and so here i start. my first blog.

the idea stolen while paging through a copy of ymag, trying to see whats hip and cool. i remember reading up on raed from baghdad - mainly during the american/british invasion, but only today considered starting my own. damn, its not going to be half as full of fun as his, or belle de jour ... but hey - ill be the voice of an african.

and that i am. an african through and through. my father is from europe, and only lived here a short while, but my mothers history in this land extends almost to the beginning of the white man's landing in this world of beauty. but in my heart i am an african.

it's where i want to be. and it's what i will end up fighting for. i'll fight anyone i have to - because this place is unbelievable. africa ignites the soul.

i'll start my fight with this blog - the west must cancel all third world debt for starters. those colonial bastards have ravaged and benefited more than enough without proper compensation, and it's going to take us generations, even without their self-inflicted debt, to get to where we need to be. that's just for starters - but i will have to get more onto this when the need to flick through the news channels subsides, and i have a longer time ahead of me.

being a night owl will make many a late posting.

let's share ubuntu