Sunday, August 15, 2004

and she eats off his head...

with great joy, laughter and hearty 'i told you so's' i heard about the final downfall of the new national party - south africa's old apartheid creator and implementer of all its laws. we could all see it coming, the leadership having been passed on to a weak little man, known locally as 'kortbroek' or shortpants, referring to the afrikaner tradition of young boys only being allowed to wear short pants.

i have never been a fan of of the nnp, only certain characters within the party who have made the last 10 years so memorable. otherwise any member over the age of 35 was a part of the system that kept this country turning the rope tighter around its own neck, slowly forcing it to its knees.

the party has just announced, this right of the middle nationalist party, that it is going to be 'joining' the ruling african national congress, in the interests of being able to influence policy from within... what spin doctor have they got working for them that decided this? an drunkard? the anc has not only freed this country from the shackles of the (n)np, but has also imitated the praying mantis female, by luring the cocky little male with the offering of her body, and then promtly eating his head off when she has what she wants - his seed.

the nnp is gone, long live the anc - but ill still never vote for them either, though i am now in their debt, they've made my life a little easier, but not having to be faced with future nnp bullshit!


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