Wednesday, August 18, 2004

the children of africa

for years now we have been supporting house in cape town, nazereth house, situated on the slopes of devils peak, with the most awesome view over looking the city and out onto the sea. its such a peaceful place, with a large stone building nestled above old pine trees. when the wind blows, it whistles a tune through the pine leaves, rushing on its way to cause havoc in the city.

its here that the sisters of nazereth house take precious care of the final days of some the fortunate hiv+ children from around cape town. i say fortunate because they are the lucky ones to be in a place of so much love and caring, and their lives are far to short to have to suffer any more than they will. there are many more children through african, but especially southern africa, who will suffer a far worse fate. just thinking about the magnitude of the problem is very depressing.

how the continent will ever cope with the loss of half of it work force and the productive generations is hard to understand - we are part of a continent whose glorious rise will be marred by great sadness and pain. and its the children that will be left behind, to suffer for their parents actions, and to suffer because they were born into a statistical nightmare. the children of africa will suffer.

places and the people of nazereth house make a difference. its big. and its funded by charity drives - out in the townships, the rural areas that are almost unreachable, there are many more angels working for this continent, tirelessly and dedicated, and with the most meager provisions possible.

it all needs to change. people need to think differently about the way that they see life. there is so much opulence, while so many suffer. you want a sure way of preventing angry adults, filled with hate and revenge for the suffering they have had to endure?

look after the children now - and let them play.


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