Friday, September 03, 2004

amampondo - history in the making

last night i had the priviledge of listening to some of the national treasures still living in this land. amampondo, south africa's top marimba and percussion ensemble, had a jamming session in a the city varsity campus in cape town. we had organized for them, for the first time in their 23 year career, for their first music video to be shot.

these guys, who have accompanied nelson mandela to the middle east on his first trip there after his release from prison; who have traveled right across the world, performing at events, and festivals amongst some of the top entertainers in the music business such as anastasia and peter gabriel - these guys create magic. their music brings alive the harmony of the earth. it sounds the song of the wind rushing through the trees, children playing in long grass, the mournful air of a community who struggles. it is alive. it is africa.

last night i feel i was a part of history. we have done what no other has done before. we have done it for so little money, why couldn't anyone do it before? an apathy. the drive to make money at all costs. greed. we have recorded a piece of history, and the world will savor it.

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